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Meet James Kamau the man with 6 fingers

The guy is doing very well in his massage business. James runs a massage parlor in bahati Nakuru county

“I remember at one point in primary school, there was a mathematics question that asked about the number of fingers one had. I picked six as the answer since I counted my fingers,” James tells us. Woe unto him, he was called up to the staff room- his mathematics teacher fuming already. Speaking to Citizen Digital, James recounts the moment with a smile


What his teachers said when he was young

“Customers kept coming back. I remember at some point, a female customer asked why my services had a uniqueness to it. I simply laughed and kept to myself,” James says. Born on the 11th of November 28 years ago, James believes his birthdate has a unique attachment with the number of his fingers- a coincidence of sorts. “I was born on 11/11. Perhaps that is why I have eleven fingers and toes in total on either side.”


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