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Is Rigathi Gachagua moi's son?

The answer to this question is yes and no.

According to unverified reports, there is a big possibility that former Kenyan president Daniel Moi sired Rigathi Gachagua and Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui. According to reports, Rigathi who is now deputy president to be (if elected alongside Ruto in August)  is Moi’s son. The fact that he father is not known remains in question. Rigathi has worked with Moi’s government as D.O (district officer) for close to 20 years before he was elected as Mathira M.P


Rigathi Gachagua with moi's Family. Source Archives photo of Rigathi Gachagua with Moi’s Family. Photo source Standard Insider (Facebook) 

Rigathi Gachagua networth.

Gachagua is estimated to be worth about 10 Billion  thats around $100 M. How he gained such wealth working as D.O is still in question. However Gachagua has been director of Ridor group of companies since 2000. 

Rigathi who is brother to late Nyeri governor Ndiritu Gachagua is the main supplier of tenders. He is alleged to have plotted the killing of the late Nyeri governor Gakuru who died in road accident. 

The verdict

Rigathi Gachagua might be Moi’s son or not. These are all speculations. The fact that Gachagua appears in Moi’s family photo add weights to the claims.


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