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Man Throws stone into a police station hits officer dislocating his arm.

A man is now under the police custody after a stone he threw in a police station hit a police officer dislocating his Dennis Kibet who is a middle aged man threw the stone in a police station in Solai, Nakuru county.  After examination the man was under the influence of Marijuana.  Eliud Masiko was hit by the speeding stone while he was heading back to work after lunch 



What the man wanted.

After interrogation by the police, the man disclosed that he was just curious of what happens when a stone is thrown in to a police station

The officer raised the alarm, leading to the arrest of the suspect, Dennis Kibet, who appeared not bothered at all by his actions,” the police report reads. 

“Kibet, explained that he wanted to have a feeling of how hurling stones at a police station felt like,

The man was later found with 10 rolls of Bhang hidden in his pants. 


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