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Pest control company offers Ksh 250k to release 100 cockroaches inpeoples h

A pest control company, pest informer is now offering ksh 250k to atleast 8 home owners to release 100 cockroaches for research purposes. The American based company has been in pest control industry for the last 22 years. The home owners will stay with the cockroaches for 30 days where the company will take surveys and data on a new pest control techniques.

Requirements to participate

The qualifications to participate in that research is 

  1. Home owners must be 21 and above of age.
  2. Must own the home or have a written permission
  3. Not use any pest control mode for that period of time
  4. Allow pest informer to film the research while undertaking the control system in the house

The company will later take data after research and if the pest will not be eliminated, they will use a traditional method for free. 

Participants are expected to fill the form here 


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