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Marry atleast 5 women or go to jail. King Mswati Orders Swaziland men.

King Mwasti of Eswatini Republic formerly known as Swaziland has ordered men from his country to marry atleast 5 men or face a jail term. King Mswati (iii) currently has 17 wives and 25 children his predecessor Mswati (ii) had 70 wives and 150 children.

A photo of Swazi woman during a ceremony. Source photostock

State to pay for ceremony 

According to a statement by the King, the state will pay for wedding ceremony and buy the newly married couples a house. 


Here is the deal, marry atleast 5 women and be assured the government will pay for wedding ceremonies and buy them a house.

 Swazi Women 

Swazi women dancing half naked. Source UTM

The order according to the King is to ensure that every woman in Swaziland gets a husband.  The state of Swaziland noted that there are many men compare to women. The republic is known to have may virgin and beautiful women.  The increase in the number of virgins and the scarcity in men led to the decision by the king 


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