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My wife cheated on me, i went aftr that guy, lured him and had sex with him

James which is not his real name opened up on how his ex wife cheated on him with another guy. At first he didn’t suspect his wife who was traveling to Nakuru every two weeks. James later saw some whatsapp text on his wife phone. He was heartbroken to realize that she was having an affair with another man everytime she travelled to Nakuru.

Next move

Image source: ShutterstockJames decided to take a good revange against his wife. He was feeling so heartbroken and disappointed. He started a manhunt to track his wife’s lover. He later found the guy at Nakuru town working as a bartender. 


I could to that club at Nakuru very often, order some drinks and later tip that guy Ksh 1000.

After a few weeks of trying to befriend the guy, he started giving inn. Kelvin explained how he lured the guy with expensive gifts and money. The guy started liking Kelvin and started becoming intimate. On Saturday evening, the two booked an expensive room and had sex for the first time. Kelvin took the chance to take some photos of them romancing each other. 

The wife.💔

James then decided to forward the photos  to his wife whom they then had separated. He said that he felt relieved from all the pain he had gone through. James did not reveal if they reconciled.


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