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Ukrainian women raise over Ksh 90M selling nudes to support their Troop.

A group of Ukrainian women has raised eyebrows after doing the unexpected. The group has raised over ksh 90 million (USD 800k) by selling their nudes. The group runs a website teronlyfans where visitors donate money and in return get hot nudes from participants. 

The project is quite similar to adults site onlyfans and the only difference is that the funds collected goes to Ukrainian troops. The group has vowed to continue until Russia stops the attacks. 

Source Teronlyfans.

How it works

The group’s founder Nastsassia Nasko told the Insider how the project started by accident but she is happy they can contribute to Ukraine’s war effort.
“I feel happy because I can support people in Ukraine and show that not all Belarusians like Russians and that we are good people. We want to help our neighbors”

Source: screengrab Teronlyfans


Since the launch of the site, the project now have atleast 35 women and 3 men volunteering to participate. The rules are quite simple. You make a donation, proof then receive a gift of erotic nudes. 

Screengrab of participants. Teronlyfans

Nasko explained that the biggest donation they have received was around Ksh 250k via Bitcoin. They have so far received donation from Netherlands, France and UK.

“We will end this project when Putin dies and Russia stops their aggression”


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